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Free Open Play Sundays was first invented by Pentagon Paintball back in 2001. We knew everyone in the tri-state area loved being outside and could play paintball anywhere for free. "Everyone knows someone with the back 40". So we dropped the Open Play field fee completely.

Pentagon Paintball pursued the idea of  "FREE OPEN PLAY SUNDAYS"  there after for a multitude of reasons. We wanted to provide an inexpensive, safe, fun and fully referred place for family and friends to skirmish. Everyone knows someone with land to play on in the Tri-State but how safe is that. Most people don't speed check markers or have refs watching that "other player". Nobody buys netting to close in their playing area or enforces barrel covers at all times. What about insurance? Because of these safety concerns that many people have, Pentagon Paintball decided to continue "FREE SUNDAYS", every Sunday, all year round.

Free Open Play Sunday is also a way to get together with other players that you may have otherwise never met. This is a great way to make new friends or meet old friends for a fast paced paintball skirmish.

Open Play Sunday is not for hot shot tournament players. Although tourney players can come out and practice snap shooting, opposite hand drills, strategy and maybe share some technics with newbies. Our Refs, mostly tourney players themselves, are knowledgeable players that will recognize "aggressive" play very quickly and will put an end to it ASAP. These type of players are encouraged to play during hours set aside for team practive.Pentagon Refs are always watching out for the safety of the player. They do NOT allow over shooting or any firing mode other than semi-auto during Open Play.  Open play Sundays can also be a time to be seen by other team players and if you are lucky you may be asked to come to team practice. As players get better we encourage them to create or join our feeder teams.

In closing, I remember a day when I asked a person, "Why don't you come out and play at our fields?" His response was one I didn't expect but after thinking about I was happy he said it. He didn't like our fields because we "had to many rules and he didn't like to be told how to play his game"...