Pentagon Paintball Inc.

Come play against other players from the area!
Special Discounts to anyone who shows up between 11am and 12am!
ALL WALK-ONS welcome. We are more than willing to help you get into the game!
Bring all your own gear!
Come hangout with the teams and other players!
Field Paint Only!
Rental Equipment Rates
(All Day Use)
$ 8.50 - Tippmann 98 Custom with standard Hopper and a Filled Co2 Tank and Mask
$  3.50 - CO2 Tank Rental (Filled) $  10.00 - 3000 HPA Tank Rental (Filled)
$10.00 - Dye Rotor Hopper Rental
$  5.00 - Chest Protectors
$  5.00 - Mask Rentals
FREE - Observers Mask Rental
$10.00 - All Day Air Pass (Unlimited Fills on 1 Tank all day!)
Rent both a 3000 HPA Tank and Dye Rotor for $14.00
Purchase a All Day Air Pass and get %50 off a Rental HPA Tank
$20 for All Day Air Pass, Rental HPA Tank and Rental Dye Rotor